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200613 [NEWS] Variety show PDs speak up to defend MBLAQ

MBLAQ_1371652194_af_orgAfter comedian Lim Joon Hyuk criticized MBLAQ for their lack of cooperation, variety show PDs have spoken up for the group.

The PD of KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song’ said, “I can’t believe the rumors that they don’t work hard. If you ask other variety show PDs, they’ll say the same thing. No one works as hard as MBLAQ. Also, it’s the comedian that’s at the center of a comedy program. Even if the guests are a little lacking, it’s their job to fill in that space. I can’t understand why he had to say it over SNS, instead of just saying it on-site.”

tvN’s ‘SNL Korea’ said the same thing. ‘SNL Korea’ said, “It’s the first time we heard that someone say that MBLAQ doesn’t work hard on variety shows. They worked harder than even the hosts when they were the featured guests on SNL. Lee Joon especially, he came right after recording ‘M! Countdown’ early in the morning on the 15th, waited 2 hours for Miranda Kerr, and went to act on the solid ground.”

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/variety-show-pds-speak-up-to-defend-mblaq

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190613 [NEWS] MBLAQ Denies It Showed Any Bad Behavior Before Comedians

MBLAQ denied claims that it showed bad attitude at a recent shoot for SBS′ Ootchatsa, saying that the members did work hard.

A rep from J.Tune Camp told enews on June 19, “The MBLAQ members worked harder than ever before, and we′re sorry to see them be whipped up in such a controversy. They worked hard to cooperate with the comedians even until just before the rehearsal, and we′re sad this had to happen.”67978050
Earlier this day, Ootchatsa comedian Im Joon Hyuk had posted on his Facebook, “They kept saying can′t do this, can′t do that until right before the recording started. Seriously. Here come the super stars. But G.O. worked really hard.”

The rep from J.Tune Camp added, “We thought the MBLAQ members had a good time with the comedians in a happy mood, and we′re surprised to see this controversy. It is all not true, but those who have seen the articles and the post will think MBLAQ is rude and thoughtless. I′m so sad.”

Im Joon Hyuk deleted the post after his show′s producer found he had left such a post.

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/38824?enewsLang=EN

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190613 [NEWS] Comedian Criticizes MBLAQ’s Behavior During Recording

Were the MBLAQ members being difficult during a filming?

On June 17, a Facebook posting by comedian, Im Joon Hyuk, from SBS’ People Who Search for Laughter was revealed online, gathering much attention. 16175091
In the Facebook posting, the comedian had wrote, “For the first time after starting ‘Rising Star,’ today’s recording was the hardest. I realized today that the 2PM members worked really hard.”

The post continued, “They kept saying can’t do this, can’t do that until right before the recording started. Seriously. Here come the super stars. But G.O. worked really hard. This is only my opinion, so for the people who see this, please diss me only.”

Im Joon Hyuk is currently active on the comedy program, specifically on a skit called ‘Rising Star,’ which 2PM appeared in previously.

MBLAQ were guests for the skit and finished recording on June 5.

The post has been removed, but the conversation between netizens continues with a variety of opinions.

Credit: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/38804?enewsLang=EN

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190613 [PICS] Seungho and Lee Joon Endorsing RegettaCanoe


ec8ab9ed98b8_ec97a0ebb894eb9e99 via Absolute MBLAQ

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190613 [ENG SUB] MBLAQ Seungho – Profile @ Radio ” Midday’s Request Song”

Credit: wasser00000 @ YT

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180613 [FULL] Interview – MBLAQ on Arirang Sound K Radio

Credit : ciera r @ YT

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180613 [Official PIC] MBLAQ Arirang Radio Sound K

BNDR1-QCUAE6Et_via humi0928