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Korean Album

        MBLAQ 4TH Mini Album 100%ver

        MBLAQ 3TH Mini Album Monalisa Style

      (Repackaged)BLAQ Style – 3D Edition

  • Again (다시 )
  • Can’t Come Back
  • You (돌아올 수 없는)

        Mblaq 1st Album –  BLAQ Style

  • Stay
  • Cry
  • Darling (그대여)
  • Throw Away (버린다)
  • Rust (녹)
  • Tonight
  • Wish You Hadn’t (이러지 않았으면 해)
  • You’re My +
  • Rolling U
  • Oh Yeah (C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
  • (JR GROOVE Remix)

      Mblaq 2nd Mini Album – Y

  • Y
  • One Better Day
  • What U Want
  • Last Luv

        Mblaq 1st Mini Album – Just BLAQ

  • Oh Yeah
  • G.O.O.D Luv
  • My Dream

Japanese Album

       Baby U!

        Your Luv



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