200513 [TWITTER] Mir’s Tweet

[TRANS] By far the most interesting looking book~ I will definitely read it~!! Translated: MBLAQSG

190513 [TWITTER] Mir’s Tweet

[TRANS Thank you so much to those who had waited throughout the 1 and a half years ㅠ It was so nice seeing so many fans after a long while.. kyukyu We shall meet during comeback~!! Translated: MBLAQSG

160513 [TWITTER] Mir’s Tweet

[TRANS] Leaf village.. Bangruto “ Translated: MBLAQSG

160513 [TWITTER] Seungho’s Tweets

[TRANS] The event for all MONA LISA -Japanese Version-‘s buyers is starting soon. Despite the hot weather, I am grateful to every fan who walked all the way to zepp tokyo. Well then, everyone, let’s meet soon!! Let’s not lose to the hot weather!! Translated: MBLAQSG

050513 [TWITTER] MIR’s Tweet

[TRANS] A newborn has been brought to life.. It’s name is Venus.. Translated: MBLAQSG

050513 [TWITTER] Park Su Cheol’s Tweet

[TRANS] Thank you for watching Nail Shop Paris episodes 1 & 2 🙂 Translated: MBLAQSG

030513 [TWITTER] J.Tune Camps Tweet

[TRANS] [MBLAQ] The day where you will be able to meet nail artist Jin! Are you ready for the broadcast? Tonight 11pm! First boradcasting of MBC Queen ‘NailShop Paris’! (2 episodes consecutively) +With Smurf friend! Translated: DongBang_BLAQ @ twitter