200613 [PIC] MBLAQ @ Shimshimtapa


180613 [Official PIC] MBLAQ Arirang Radio Sound K

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160513 [PIC] MBLAQ with rookie hiphop group ‘Bangtan Boys

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140613 [NEWS] Jun.K reveals a photo of ‘2PMBLAQ’

Jun.K has revealed a photo of ‘2PMBLAQ’. The photo was taken backstage at ‘Music Bank’, where 2PM performed “A.D.T.O.Y”, and MBLAQ performed “Smoky Girl”. Jun.K posted the photo onto his Instagram, writing, “2PMBLAQ ~~ At the waiting room today keke”. The six of them look really close, with Thunder and G.O holding hands with Jun.K […]

110613 [NEWS] 2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder: Who’s the Real Dongseng?

MBLAQ’s Thunder recently showed off his “manner legs” towards his sister, which is drawing the attention from the public. On June 9, Sandara posted couple pictures she took with her brother on her Twitter, “Even today, we are the warm-hearted siblings! Dara & Thunder.” She later posted, “My Thunder, who showed some ‘manner legs’ for […]

090613 [NEWS] Dara and Thunder share photo ‘the warmest siblings’ ever!

Dara shared a photo taken at Inkigayo with her brother Thunder. Dara came to support CL and Thunder to perform their latest single ‘Smoky Girl’. Dara uploaded the photo on her twitter and wrote, “Today, here are the warm siblings again!!! Dara & Cheondung^.^” Dara is wearing a big sized tee and Thunder is wearing […]

090613 [PICS] MBLAQ Exclusive TV Report Selcas