200613 [NEWS] Comedian Apologizes for Creating Misunderstandings about MBLAQ

As the issue became more and more entangled and confusing, comedian Im Joon Hyuk finally made an apology on his post on MBLAQ. On June 20, Im Joon Hyuk wrote on his Facebook page, first and foremost apologizing for creating misunderstandings with what he wrote about MBLAQ. He began to explain what happened on June […]

200613 [NEWS] Variety show PDs speak up to defend MBLAQ

After comedian Lim Joon Hyuk criticized MBLAQ for their lack of cooperation, variety show PDs have spoken up for the group. The PD of KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song’ said, “I can’t believe the rumors that they don’t work hard. If you ask other variety show PDs, they’ll say the same thing. No one works as […]

190613 [NEWS] MBLAQ Denies It Showed Any Bad Behavior Before Comedians

MBLAQ denied claims that it showed bad attitude at a recent shoot for SBS′ Ootchatsa, saying that the members did work hard. A rep from J.Tune Camp told enews on June 19, “The MBLAQ members worked harder than ever before, and we′re sorry to see them be whipped up in such a controversy. They worked […]

190613 [NEWS] Comedian Criticizes MBLAQ’s Behavior During Recording

Were the MBLAQ members being difficult during a filming? On June 17, a Facebook posting by comedian, Im Joon Hyuk, from SBS’ People Who Search for Laughter was revealed online, gathering much attention. In the Facebook posting, the comedian had wrote, “For the first time after starting ‘Rising Star,’ today’s recording was the hardest. I […]

180613 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir Used to Have Man Boobs as a Boy

On a recent episode of KBS’s “Mamma Mia,” which aired on June 16, MBLAQ’s Mir and his mother appeared as special guests. When MC Park Mi Sun mentioned the rumor that Mir used to be obese and shy as a boy, the opposite of how he is now, Mir’s mother stated, “He used to have […]

170613 [NEWS] MBLAQ has returned to fans, determined to prove that the Music Boys are still hot and sexy.

After over a year break from promoting as a group, MBLAQ released its fifth mini album, Sexy Beat and its lead single, Smoky Girl, ready to show off its new colors. Returning as sexy-dols, the MBLAQ members deemed themselves the Pelvis Pros, while talking about how they meet girls and what kind of ′smoky girls′ […]

170613 [NEWS] MBLAQ Mir’s Mom Exposes Chubby Childhood

Everyone has had baby fat at one point in their life, and MBLAQ Mir’s mom recently shared just how chubby and adorable Mir was during his childhood.On the June 16 broadcast of Mamma Mia, Mir appeared with his mother, who is already well-known for having a hilarious personality. When MC Park Mi Sun asked if […]