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210413 [TRANS] Mir Chatting in Daum Cafe 130420/21

fan: But is the album really coming oppa..? ㅠ_ㅠ Mir: The title Singular is from the title song,kekekekeke fan: Mir-gun exactly when will be the comeback Mir: A little while more,kekekeke Mir: Everything all in a new look Mir: Music Mir: Choreography Mir: Style Source: MBLAQ Daum Cafe Translated: __RisingSilence Advertisements

130413 [TRANS] Mir Chatting in Daum Cafe 130412

fan: What Mir: kekekekekekekekeke fan: Hollowlowlowlowlow!!!!! Mir: What what,, fan: Hul,,,,, Mir: I will come back when the time arrives,keke Mir: Did Seungho hyung get the first place today!? Mir: Oh~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mir: Yang!!!Seung!!!Ho!!! Mir: kekekekekekekeke fan: Please do also eat well!!!!!!!!!!!! fan: Sleep well too also recently have you enjoy any chicken? fan: Food is […]

310313 [TRANS] Mir’s Cafe Message 130330

Everyone,,it has been a long time,,all this while have you been well ~ !!?? Recently I have been living really busily~ As you all know we have return to the entertainment and we have also been practising really hard to return your long wait I have been putting all my energy to prepare for the […]

180213 [TRANS] 130214 Mir Chatting in Daum Cafe

(fan: I am a newbie fan I like Joon) Mir: Newbie?? Mir: Does newbie means new fan? Mir: kekekekekekekekekeke (fan: I feel that Mir oppa is a little too manipulated;;;) Mir: Why? (fan: Hwabunke? Do you know?) Mir: What is that? Mir: kekekekekeke hul wow daebak do not explain things kekeke I don’t have the […]

110213 [TRANS] Mir chatting in the Cafe 130206

~Mir has been finding “Midnight TV Entertainment” videos~ Mir: Now right now,,quick,,-_-,, Mir: Hmm hello, kekeke Mir: No,,-_- (fan: If I can marry Mir oppa and live together forever I must have saved the country…..) Mir: What are you talking about suddenly,,-_-;; (fan: When are you getting married???) Mir: Am I a predictor,,-_-;;;; Mir: I […]

110213 [TRANS] Mir’s Cafe Message 130210

Everybody,,Hello,,,Ohhohoho,, Have you eaten your rice cake soup,, I didn’t grow a year older because I didn’t eat,,kekekeke After Japan’s schedules has ended safely I have return to Korea today ~ And indeed it has been really cold,,Eh,, The weather had suddenly turn colder so everyone please be careful not to catch a cold,,Hmm just,, […]

110213 [TRANS] 13.02.10. MBLAQ’s New Year messages to A+s

Hello. This is J.Tune Camp. MBLAQ’s second hanbok pictorial concept! Bowing Concept^^ MBLAQ members has left some handwritten messages for A+s while having their hanbok photo-shoot. MBLAQ and A+… so touchingㅠ^ㅠ Next Week! We are preparing to reveal the behind the scenes of MBLAQ’s hanbok photo-shoot. Please anticipate a lot~^^ ——————- MBLAQ’s Messages —————– [Mir’s […]