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170613 [NEWS] How K-pop artists relate to some of the people around you

Wherever you go, in every walk of life, there always seems to be a homogeneous structure for classifying people – for instance, the jock, the smart at math Asian, the creeper, what have you. It’s a gross and insensitive habit, but like all well-trained bad habits, it’s more or less second nature.

Don’t feel stigmatized, though – our tendency to label is only natural, and for the most part, we really can’t help ourselves.

The reasons we do so range from both ends – it could be instinctive; it could be for the sake of simplicity or consistency. And for some of the more questionable people out there, it could very well be for the sake of feeding your narcissistic tendencies, making yourself feel you’re above everyone else.

Whatever. The point of the matter is – we all do it. But admittedly, some of the labels are just dead on and so applicable to different situations and people.

So we decided to give it a try. And what better targets? Well, this is allkpop, and as such, labeling some of your favorite K-Pop idols would make sense, contextually speaking.

We understand that it’s essentially the entertainment agencies, or the big guns, that spawn their careers. But the artists, in more ways than one, define their agencies just as much as their agencies define them. And it’s quite interesting to see how some of those dynamics seep through the artists’ style and nuance.

Here’s what we came up!
The boys who take Halloween costume coordination to new extremes – MBLAQ
MBLAQ seems like the type of group who would do anything for a good laugh. Thankfully, we can get a peek of their playful personalities on variety programs.

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/how-kpop-artists-relate-to-some-of-the-people-around-you


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