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200613 [NEWS] Comedian Apologizes for Creating Misunderstandings about MBLAQ

As the issue became more and more entangled and confusing, comedian Im Joon Hyuk finally made an apology on his post on MBLAQ.

On June 20, Im Joon Hyuk wrote on his Facebook page, first and foremost apologizing for creating misunderstandings with what he wrote about MBLAQ.68476523
He began to explain what happened on June 5, during the filming of SBS’ Ootchatsa, where the MBLAQ members managed to come to the studio despite their busy schedules.

“As all five members of MBLAQ were participating in our skit, it is true that there were some difficulties in organizing the lines and matching up with each other. But the practice ended brilliantly, and during the recording of ‘Rising Star,’ the MBLAQ members and I both gave the greatest laughter and received much applause from the audience, ending with no NG.”
“Even though comedians spend an entire week practicing more than a hundred times for this one recording, there are times when NGs occur, so for the MBLAQ members who were able to pull through without NGs, I want to express my gratitude,” said Im Joon Hyuk.

“I’ve filmed so many times, but after each filming, there’s always something missing, and that’s what a comedian is. As I finished recording and returned home, I wrote out what I felt on Facebook, and in a comedian’s subjective opinion, I wrote out the incompleteness I felt at the time in a humorous way. But the next night, I realized that it could cause a lot of misunderstandings from people, so I deleted the post on my own.”

Im Joon Hyuk apologized once more for creating an issue and hoped that no more misunderstandings arise from it.

He promised to be more careful with his words in the future.

Credit: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/38889


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