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190613 [NEWS] Comedian Criticizes MBLAQ’s Behavior During Recording

Were the MBLAQ members being difficult during a filming?

On June 17, a Facebook posting by comedian, Im Joon Hyuk, from SBS’ People Who Search for Laughter was revealed online, gathering much attention. 16175091
In the Facebook posting, the comedian had wrote, “For the first time after starting ‘Rising Star,’ today’s recording was the hardest. I realized today that the 2PM members worked really hard.”

The post continued, “They kept saying can’t do this, can’t do that until right before the recording started. Seriously. Here come the super stars. But G.O. worked really hard. This is only my opinion, so for the people who see this, please diss me only.”

Im Joon Hyuk is currently active on the comedy program, specifically on a skit called ‘Rising Star,’ which 2PM appeared in previously.

MBLAQ were guests for the skit and finished recording on June 5.

The post has been removed, but the conversation between netizens continues with a variety of opinions.

Credit: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/38804?enewsLang=EN


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