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170613 [NEWS] MBLAQ Mir’s Mom Exposes Chubby Childhood

Everyone has had baby fat at one point in their life, and MBLAQ Mir’s mom recently shared just how chubby and adorable Mir was during his childhood.26766186On the June 16 broadcast of Mamma Mia, Mir appeared with his mother, who is already well-known for having a hilarious personality.

When MC Park Mi Sun asked if Mir was a chubby and quiet kid, Mir’s mom replied without missing a beat, “When he was young, Mir’s chest was bigger than Lee Young Ja’s.”

81507409She proceeded to show a childhood photo of Mir, where he appeared a lot chubbier than the Mir we see today, but still just as adorable.

“He came out pretty skinny in this picture,” said Mir’s Mom.

Meanwhile, Mir shared that his mom has never told him to study. “She suggested I go to play billiards, or go to the arcade,” said Mir. “She gave me 1,000 won and told me to stay at the arcade all day.”

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/38620?enewsLang=EN


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