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160613 [NEWS] Star of the Week – [Song Review] MBLAQ Again Floats on ′Smoky Girl′

For idols these days, concepts and images are everything. Before they try anything new, they need to find a specific concept they can root themselves in and appeal with, or else it will look like they′re just going all over the place instead of ′changing their image′. Whether it be perfectly synchronized dance moves, a perfect imitation of wolves and vampires or an impeccable and unique style of vocals, idols need to tell some story about themselves and make the public think up one ′definition′ for their group.

Such are the woes of an age when idols are a dime a dozen.

In this age, MBLAQ fortunately seems to have found its footing, but it weirdly seems like though its feet have been roped down tight, its arms are flailing all over the place.27382462
MBLAQ′s new single Smoky Girl, from its fifth mini album Sexy Beat, is on a certain continuum with the group′s previous singles, but we have to ask, what exactly is that continuum?

Smoky Girl is a slick dance piece that was written by the hip-hop giant Primary, and it seems to continue where MBLAQ left off with Y. The only problem is that Smoky Girl follows a line of other songs released after Y.

Y and Smoky Girl are both oddly calm dance songs that seem to draw their sexiness from that heavy calm. A certain dark weight connects both songs. If they could be molded into human figures, it′s like they would be clean-cut men in dark suits with sharp, beastly eyes.

Before Y, however, there was Oh Yeah, and after Y there was Mona Lisa and It′s War. It becomes trickier to connect the dots with these songs, because they′re a new world all on their own. Oh Yeah and Mona Lisa are fairly similar to each other with their guitar riffs, but the similarities end there as Oh Yeah is a sexy party track while the sad Mona Lisa turns the boys into begging lovers. It′s War stands all on its own as an orchestra-charged, heavy warrior piece.

This line of mildly random songs makes the release of Smoky Girl float on thin air instead of adding something to and cementing MBLAQ′s image. The song itself is a great Primary-style track; once you get over the ′doosh doosh (dooshi = 2 o′clock)′ and the ′joosh joosh (juice)′, it′s a pretty funky song the likes of which can be expected from Primary.

In fact, all their main promotional singles were good in this manner; it′s just that they don′t fit in to any big picture.

So here′s to hoping that MBLAQ will find its identity, because the group and its music is too good to be buried under its lack of one.

Original article: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/38455?enewsLang=EN


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