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150613 Lee Joon to wear a full-body leotard for ‘SNL Korea’ with Miranda Kerr

MBLAQ-Lee-Joon_1371234968_af_orgLee Joon donned a full-body leotard for his ‘SNL Korea’ skit with Miranda Kerr!

The pair pulled off an ‘SNL-Project Runway’ skit, where Lee Joon was getting examined by Miranda Kerr. This should be familiar with fans as Lee Joon had played the ‘Black Swan’ before when MBLAQ previously appeared on ‘SNL Korea’.

Even though he was fine when the cameras were rolling, it was a different story when the cameras were off as he was seen hiding his body while smiling shyly.

But it’s been reported that Lee Joon and Miranda Kerr worked perfectly well together, and Lee Joon even gave Miranda Kerr a signed album of ‘Sexy Beat’. Miranda Kerr was elated by the gift, looking through the entire album before placing it safely in her purse.

Lee Joon said, “I received a call at night on the 12th (to appear on SNL). I came here right after pre-recording ‘M! Countdown’. I’m not even tired. I was so happy and anticipating the whole time”.

The episode will air on the 15th, so keep your eyes out for it!


Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/lee-joon-to-wear-a-full-body-leotard-for-snl-korea-with-miranda-kerr


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