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150613 [NEWS] Dara prepares an ‘egg feast’ for her little brother Thunder

2NE1-Dara-MBLAQ-Thunder_1371224449_af_orgDara tried her best to make a feast for her little brother, MBLAQ’s Thunder.

We all know how much Dara adores her little brother, and she made sure all of her fans knew what kind of effort she put for him. She wrote, “I just woke up a little while ago. My mom was out, and Thunder suddenly came home. It looked like he finished his dry rehearsal, but he said he had to go out again after he ate… Hmm.. I’m not very good at cooking, but I decided to make him food!!! The menu is~ eggs!!! ^.*v”.

She kept writing, “But!!! Thunder was worried and asked me, ‘You’re going to make it with the shells in it again, aren’t you?’. Gasp.. It’s because I’ve made eggs with a bit of shell inside it before… ^^;;;; I told him it was a mistake and I did my best today!!! ^_^ I also made him Vienna sausages as a bonus!”.

She added, “I put out the side dishes our mother already made and the fantastic big-noona meal was ready!!! Thunder asked me two questions. ‘Did you forget to put salt in the eggs..?’ @.@. ‘Is this fully cooked?’ Hahaha he kept doubting me keke. But in the end he didn’t leave anything and ate it all before he left ^_^v”.

She concluded, “The meal that big-noona prepared for her dongseng who wanted to eat home food. It’s lacking because I was in a hurry to prepare it because we didn’t have time, but eat well and do well on the ‘Music Bank’ stage today!!! ^_^v Fighting~”.

Looks like Thunder really is lucky to have Dara as his older sister!

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/dara-prepares-an-egg-feast-for-her-little-brother-thunder


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