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110613 [NEWS] Shindong dishes on two MBLAQ members making confessions to one girl simultaneously

MBLAQ_1370893837_af_orgSuper Junior’s Shindong exposed a bit of MBLAQ’s dating history.

On a recent episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2, MBLAQ was forthcoming in revealing their ideal types and their dating style.
Shindong took advantage of this situation and hereupon divulged, “MBLAQ is famous for being direct when it comes to confessing their feelings. There’s actually a lot of women who are approached by MBLAQ.”

Upon hearing this, the MBLAQ members dismissed the assertion by saying, “Despite mentioning our ideal types on broadcasts, we never easily approach them.”

Shindong, however, defied them by stating, “As far as I’m concerned, there was an occurrence where two MBLAQ members approached the same woman simultaneously.” The MBLAQ members became startled by this revealing comment.

On another note, Seungho declared his preference for women with pretty eyes while Lee Joon had preference for women with shapely legs.

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/shindong-dishes-out-that-two-mblaq-members-made-confessions-to-one-girl-at-the-same-time


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