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060513 [INTERVIEW] MBLAQ Members Spill About Their ‘Smoky Girls’

14775454“Simply wearing smokey makeup doesn’t make you a smoky girl – it’s in the lyrics as well,” said G.O, before quoting a line from song, saying “‘a scar smudged in the rim of her eye.’”

He continued, “A sexy man sings this song for a woman who looks sad.”

Thunder’s interpretation was a little brighter, as he shared, “In my opinion, a smoky girl is a charming girl,” said Thunder, before adding boldly, “It’s a pickup line we use to seduce the girl.”

Lee Joon said, “I think she’s a girl who sparkles – who gets all done up at the beauty salon – and the man approaches her having fallen head over heels for her.”

When it came for maknae Mir to describe his ‘smoky’ girl,’ he only had one thing on his mind, saying “A sexy girl. When I think of ‘smoky,’ a sexy image only comes to mind.”

But leader Seung Ho impressed us the most with his play on the word ‘smoky’ (which he pronounced “seu-mo-kee”’), saying “A smoky girl is a ‘Seung-Ho-key’ girl. She’s a girl who holds the key to Seung Ho’s heart.”

Even his fellow members were impressed by Seung Ho’s answer, as Mir jumped in, saying “He should’ve gone to Harvard with that brain.”

Seung Ho, the pickup artist? We think this line would work on any girl.

Do you fit the bill as MBLAQ’s ‘smoky girl?’ Let us know in the comments below!

Source: http://enewsworld.interest.me/enews/contents.asp?idx=37912


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