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040613 [NEWS] MBLAQ Reveals Smoky Girl Music Video

MBLAQ is back after more than a year since their last album ‘BLAQ% Ver‘. J.Tune Entertainment revealed the music video for title track ‘Smoky Girl’ on their YouTube channel at 12 KST as promised.

The music video reveals a suave and mature-looking group. Decked in suits, the MV was shot in an artsy black-and-white theme, a stark contrast to the bold neon concept photos. The video opens up to the strong vocals of G.O and leads on to an electronic dance number.

The neon colors made its way back towards the ending, making a grand finale.

The comeback album Sexy Beat, is MBLAQ’s 5th mini-album and boasts the collaborative work of Producer Primary as well as other known names like rappers Zion T, Simon D, Crush and Maybee. The 6 tracks in the album mainly are R&B tracks placing much emphasis on vocals. Standing out from the mainstream pop genre, the slow feel-good songs in the album proves that MBLAQ is back in the game.

To commemorate their comeback, MBLAQ will be having a showcase on June 4 at 7PM KST. For international fans, fret not as the showcase will be streamed live on MNET!

Credit: jtune camp
Source: http://en.korea.com/?p=414039


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