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040513 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Thunder says Kara’s Gyuri is a fool!

tumblr_inline_mm7hg1CA8d1qz4rgpMBC QUEEN’s “TALK CONCERT QueeN” guested the main characters of MBC QUEEN’s new drama “Nail Salon Paris ~Love Starts from the Fingertips~” (also knows as “Nail Salon Paris”), KARA’s Park Gyuri, Jeon Jihoo, Song Jaerim and MBLAQ’s Thunder on its May 2-episode.

MC Yoo Younghoon asked the others regarding KARA’s Park Gyuri. The question was, “How is Gyuri as an actress?”

They answered one by one. The first was Jeon Jihoo. He answered, “Gyuri is like a vitamin drink. Even though she has a hectic schedule, her passion erases her tiredness.”
Song Jaerim was the next and defined her as, “Gyuri is a nice lady and she represents a person with determination to work hard that surpasses everybody. She motivates me.”.
The last was Thunder. He said, “Gyuri is a fool,”

Everybody laughed so hard, but thunder elucidated that immediately.
“She’s really a fool. She’s addicted to practicing but she’s a nice person. It’s like this, all of us are taking a nap because we are too tired, but she’s still practicing her script. A fool who thinks of nothing but practicing.”
It’s clear as the sunlight that all of them agreed that Gyuri is a hardworking person.

The first episode of “Nail Salon Paris” was aired last May 3 at 11:00 PM on MBC QUEEN.

Original article: http://www.dkpopnews.net/2013/05/mblaqs-thunder-says-karas-gyuri-is-fool.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


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