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290413 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir is Terrified of Syringe Needles

Even a strong army soldier has his fears, and MBLAQ’s Mir revealed that one of his is a syringe needle.76113317
On April 28’s broadcast of MBC’s Real Man, Mir injured his already bad back while doing an army exercise. Although he completed the exercise with success, the pain in his back was too severe that he was carried to the infirmary.

There, the doctor examined his back and prepared to give a shot to Mir, who realized what was going and politely, but with slight panic, asked the doctor to make the shot not hurt since he was terrified of needles.
Mir continued to ask the doctor to warn him ahead of time repeatedly with panic trembling in his voice, differing quite a bit from the strong soldier image he showed just an hour before during the exercises.

Meanwhile, Mir later received special benefits from squad, after getting in touch with SISTAR’s Bora on the phone.

Original article: http://enewsworld.interest.me/enews/contents.asp?idx=34995


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