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260413 [NEWS] Surprising elimination on ‘Dancing With the Stars 3′

20130426_dancingwiththestars_seunghoMBLAQ‘s Seungho was sadly eliminated from ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘!

On the April 26 episode, the contestants tried their hand at sports dancing. ‘Original dancing queen’ Kim Wan Sun put on a show and won for the 2nd consecutive week. She was incredibly happy about her win, saying, “I feel so happy because I didn’t expect it.” Her partner Kim Hyung Suk added, “It feels good. Thank you.”

Unfortunately things didn’t turn out so well for Seungho.

The Seungho-Son Jin Joo pair and Kim Dae Ho-Choi Soo Jung pair were then announced to be the bottom two dance partners for the episode and faced elimination. In the end, Seungho was the one to be eliminated and Seungho gave his departing remarks, “I was happy to work hard in a new experience with such a great staff. I’m thankful and apologize to my teacher, Son Jin Joo.” His dance partner also added, “I’m thankful to Seungho for practicing early into the morning even when he was busy. I’m disappointed we were eliminated, but I think we’ll have other chances.”

Since Seungho had been often praised for his dancing and had even won #1 on an episode, the elimination surprised both the cast and viewers alike.

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/04/spoiler-surprising-elimination-on-dancing-with-the-stars-3


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