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220513 [PIC] G.O and Go Woori for Love and War

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220513 [SCANS] MBLAQ on Kan-Fan Magazine No. 102

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220513 [NEWS] How do the MBLAQ members respond when a fan asks them to use profanity?

Every idol has to be careful to keep from cursing or using profanity on public broadcast or on their public SNS accounts, but what’s an idol to do when a fan asks him to curse? Recently a post has been making its way around, bringing laughs with the title “A fan Who Brought Post-Its asking […]

220513 [ENDORSE] MIR Endorsing Ellesse

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220513 [NEWS] Mir Drops Out of “Real Men,” Jang Hyuk and ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik Joins

Actor Jang Hyuk and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Shik will be joining the cast of the popular MBC variety program “Real Men.” On May 21, MBC announced that Jang Hyuk (37) and Park Hyung Shik (22) will join as the new members of “Real Men” and will start filming on May 27. MBLAQ’s Mir, one of […]

220513 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Seungho Almost Kisses Female Idol on Variety Show?

On the most recent episode of MBC Music “All the K-Pop,” various idols played a “Moving Heart” game, where two participants had to move hearts made with different materials such as regular papers, foam boards, writing papers, and so on, from one place to another only using their mouths. MBLAQ‘s Seungho played the game with […]

210513 [NEWS] MBLAQ to come back first week of June with “Smokey Girl”!

Every A+ has been eagerly waiting to hear these words: MBLAQ is coming back! MBLAQ recently held a photoshoot with ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine, and they revealed more details of their long awaited comeback. During the interview, they confirmed that they’re coming back in June along with the name of their title track. Mir said, “The song […]