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200413 [TRANS] Cheondung (Jin) Profile for Nail Shop Paris

BITaDwBCAAAwt1qPark Sang Hyun (Cheondoong, 23) MBLAQ
Career history: – Padam Padam (JTBC/ 2012)

Jin (25)
Paris’ maknae (youngest) flower boy nail artist.
A person full of aegyo (cuteness) and has a very sociable personality.
A very cheerful person also the atmosphere maker in Paris, he is one of the people that receives lots of love.

Growing up without a father, he was brought up by his mother who works as a medium. Because he has experience many things, and also because his hardship, he is a very good listener and he also share and gives good opinions. Also because of his blood relation with his medium mother, sometimes he can help his customers with supernatural approaches, however there are also times when he make mistakes.

He is the maknae among all the nail artists, meeting Yeoju who came back to look aafter the nail art shop. As the both of them are of similar ages, they then becomes good friends. And there is Yeoju’s roommate Jisoo who is very concern towards artists. After knowing that Jisoo is working in the television station he has been pestering the heroine to be friends with Jisoo and they become a really cute couple.

Source: MBC
Translated: __RisingSilence

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