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170413 [NEWS] Agency States MBLAQ′s Mir Wasn′t Meant to Be a Permanent Member on ′Real Man′

MBLAQ′s Mir will be leaving MBC′s Real Man, but his agency has clarified that he is leaving the show in accordance with prior arrangements.

Mir has actually been hesitant to continue to appear in Real Man, a show which has stars experience the military, due to problems with his health and preparations for his next album. It is well known that he has back problems.89398696

A rep from MBLAQ′s agency told enews on April 16, “You can′t really say he′s ′leaving′ the show.”

The rep added, “We had agreed with the producers that Mir would only appear for a short while and not as a steady panel. We decided to talk things over again after the show starts after considering his health and the question of his group′s upcoming album. Between that time, details on MBLAQ′s album were confirmed, and we came to reach this decision as he soon won′t have time in his busy schedule.”

Mir is said to have shown his own disappointment at having to leave the show, but he is now determined to pour all his efforts into his group′s upcoming album.

MBLAQ′s album is set to be released in early June.

The rep said, “The MBLAQ members have wrapped up their individual promotions and are preparing for their album. You can definitely look forward to it.”

Source: http://enewsworld.interest.me/enews/contents.asp?idx=34095

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