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310313 [TRANS] Mir’s Cafe Message 130330

proxy.jpgEveryone,,it has been a long time,,all this while have you been well ~ !!??

Recently I have been living really busily~

As you all know we have return to the entertainment and we have also been practising really hard to return your long wait

I have been putting all my energy to prepare for the album~

MBLAQ has not been producing album for such a long period, we have been feeling really huge pressure and also anticipation

But we have also been enjoying all the fun through the work that we have done~!!

Although during this blank period we have been on the television but our main interest is still to be able to be with our fans on music shows,,woohoohoo,,

If one day I suddenly leave a message in the cafe it is because my body and my mind is feeling tired and this is where I get all my power,,

I have tried going for practice, reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music and even playing games,,but I still feel the emptiness in my mind

It is still unable to be filled,,

So i have been visiting the offical cafe, personal homepages to read the supporting messages that fans have left from long time ago

And so,,I felt that the strength and enthusiasm has been building up over and over again,,,to have all the support in this blank period

With the amount of anticipation it gives me the feeling of not to feel tired and also not feel depressed,,

And to me it is a really good similant,,

For those who have been waiting for us for such a long time, saying that we are the best and contributing so much for us I hope to not let you feel embarrassed

We will grow up and then to come and find you with those albums that made us feel proud,,because you are my masters,,

Source: MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe


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