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290313 [NEWS] Lee Joon, Doojoon, and other ‘Iris 2′ cast members to appear in FPS game ‘Sudden Attack

Fans will be able to meet their favorite ‘Iris 2‘ cast members as characters in the popular first person shooter game ‘Sudden Attack‘!

Of course, as the main stars of the drama, Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk are being added to the special character roster, but it’s been revealed that Lee Joon and Doojoon will also have their own characters in the game! The characters will use their real voices, and will even get special ‘Iris 2′ weapon items with special bonus effects.

The game also provided a new map for gamers to play based on the concept of the drama. Check out their BTS dubbing for the game below!

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/03/lee-joon-doojoon-and-other-iris-2-cast-members-to-appear-in-fps-game-sudden-attack


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