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260213 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Seungho & Miss A’s Fei To Join ‘Dancing With the Stars 3’

proxyIdol groups MBLAQ’s Seungho and Miss A’s Fei will soon show off their talent in ballroom dancing.
Seungho and Fei have joined MBC’s variety show ‘Dancing With the Stars 3’ (T/N: to be named ‘Dancing Star 3’ from here on) that will have its first airing on March 15, and they’ve gone through recording rehearsal last week as well as finished shooting for the title sequence and poster on the 25th.

Other than Seungho and Fei, singers Kim Wan Sun and Kim Kyung Ho, actors Lee Jong Won and Nam Bora, basketball player Woo Ji Won, billiards star Jeanette Lee, magician Lee Eun Gyeol and others will appear on ‘Dancing Star 3’.

According to the producers of ‘Dancing Star 3’, six pairs of celebrities will soon start the official competition, partnering with national ballroom dancers, whom they are currently practicing strenuously with.

Before the start of the live competition, the producers will introduce the changes in content and procedure of Season 3 with an article titled ‘D-7’ on the 8th, and the 12-week competition will air live beginning on the 15th.

The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ series, which started in July 2011 with its first season, partners stars of various industries with national ballroom dancing representatives to perform, proceeding with the survival show aspect of eliminating a pair each week. The winner of season one is Kim Gyuri; season two, Choi Yeojin.

Source: http://black-choco.blogspot.tw/2013/02/mblaq-miss-fei-dancing-star3.html#more
Translated: Crispeeeee @ twitter


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