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200213 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir gets tricked by a hidden camera prank on ‘All the K-Pop’ and sheds tears

20130219_mirOn the February 19th broadcast of MBC Music‘s ‘All the K-pop‘, MC Mir got tricked by a hidden camera prank and was brought to tears.

During the hidden camera event set up, a fortune teller purposely gave Mir a false fortune and stated, “If you didn’t become a celebrity, you were destined to become a shaman.” Another fortune teller followed along on the prank and spooked Mir by telling him, “I feel the energy of a snake ghost coming from Mir”, which especially freaked him out because he recently came back from a real-life jungle while recording for ‘Laws of the Jungle‘.

The serious atmosphere on set seemed to be too much for Mir to handle in addition to his fright and the filming was momentarily stopped.

After shedding tears backstage, Mir responded, “This is my first time being surprised by a hidden camera. Because I heard stories of snake ghosts after filming ‘Laws of the Jungle’, I didn’t suspect anything at all.”

Do you think the hidden camera was too harsh?

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/02/mblaqs-mir-gets-tricked-by-a-hidden-camera-prank-on-all-the-k-pop-and-sheds-tears


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