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180213 [TRANS] 130214 Mir Chatting in Daum Cafe


(fan: I am a newbie fan I like Joon)
Mir: Newbie??
Mir: Does newbie means new fan?
Mir: kekekekekekekekekeke
(fan: I feel that Mir oppa is a little too manipulated;;;)
Mir: Why?
(fan: Hwabunke? Do you know?)
Mir: What is that?
Mir: kekekekekeke hul wow daebak do not explain things kekeke I don’t have the confident,,,
(fan: Hwabunkeik = Cake made of smashed oreos)
Mir: There will only be stars,,
(fan: kekekekekekekekekekekeke)
Mir: Do not even,,,kekeke
(fan: Oppa comeback is really in April!!!!!?)
Mir: Yes,kekeke April kekekeke
Mir: Hmm,,,
Mir: This room feels weird,,
Mir: Goodbye~

Source: 양승쭌 via @humi0928
Translated: RisingSilence


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