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110213 [TRANS] Mir chatting in the Cafe 130206

~Mir has been finding “Midnight TV Entertainment” videos~
Mir: Now right now,,quick,,-_-,,
Mir: Hmm hello, kekeke
Mir: No,,-_-
(fan: If I can marry Mir oppa and live together forever I must have saved the country…..)
Mir: What are you talking about suddenly,,-_-;;
(fan: When are you getting married???)
Mir: Am I a predictor,,-_-;;;;
Mir: I want to go eat fried chicken,kekeke
(fan: Oppa where do I send the videos to!!)
Mir: Paste it here,kekeke
(fan: The chatroom??)
Mir: Yes,keke
Mir: Kyahahahahaha
Mir: So funny,hahahaha
Mir: What?
(fan: You are not having a birthday party for Joonie oppa?)
Mir: Not having,,-_-;;
(fan: When are you going to Japan????Everyone is asking me to ask…..)
Mir: I am not saying,kekekekekekekeke
(fan: What will oppa be doing during the new year???)
Mir: In Japan,kekekekeke
(fan: Really?)
Mir: Of course I wouldn’t be lying right,,-_-;;kekekekekekekeke
Mir: I want to return to Jangsung too,,kekekekeke
Mir: I have said already I will be in Japan during new year,,
(fan: Oppa what birthday present would you like to receive??)
(fan: Other than Savannah cat)
Mir: I am waiting for you all to ask,,
Mir: The watch that Cartier paid for 2 billion and 8000 million,,that,,kekeke
(fan: Don’t be like this…)
Mir: kekekeke
(fan: In reality what do you want,,)
Mir: That is very realistic,,kekekekeke
Mir: Oh right I have to go out now,,kekekeke
Mir: I have an appointment,kekekeke
Mir: Goodbye,kekeke

Source: 처룡처룡엠블랙 님 via @BLACKCHOCO_TW
Translated: RisingSilence

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