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110213 [TRANS] 13.02.10. MBLAQ’s New Year messages to A+s

This is J.Tune Camp.

MBLAQ’s second hanbok pictorial concept! Bowing Concept^^
MBLAQ members has left some handwritten messages for A+s while having their hanbok photo-shoot.
MBLAQ and A+… so touchingㅠ^ㅠ

Next Week!
We are preparing to reveal the behind the scenes of MBLAQ’s hanbok photo-shoot.
Please anticipate a lot~^^

——————- MBLAQ’s Messages —————–

[Mir’s Message]
To. All our A+s♡
Hello everyone~This is MBLAQ’s cutie maknae Mir~!!
Without knowing it is already Lunar New Year in 2013 kyukyu,,Happy New Year~!!
During the new year MBLAQ is still working hard in preparing for our album~
With all the waiting don’t tell me that everyone has,,has broke their neck while waiting?ke
To let everyone see a better image of myself I have been learning music
I having been learning while thinking about the happiness when I show the outcome to all the A+s!
Recently flu and viruses has hinder lots of people,,-_-
I hope A+s will prevent it early and not suffer~♡
Year 2013 will be MBLAQ and A+s, and also Mir’s year,,

[Seungho’s Message]
To. All MBLAQ’s fans!
The year of snake is coming.
In the year 2013 too we have prepared lots of activities so please so anticipate a lot.
I think what is important firstly is health and secondly is also to keep healthy!
Everybody stay healthy and happy new year!
-from Leader Seungho-

[Joon’s Message]
Happy new year everyone..
Stay happy always..
-Oh Young-

[G.O’s Message]
To. All our A+s~!
Has everyone been staying healthy~?
Is everyone enjoying the new year?
I really miss you. We will see you really soon through our new album activities ^^
Up until here I hope everyone will spend everyday with lots of happiness!

[Cheondoong’s Message]
To. A+
Everybody happy new year
Stay happy~♡
Have lots of good things happening!!

{ps: BLAQ’s Style’s images are not to be taken out of the cafe so people with accounts please do login to view those pretty photos ^^)

Source: MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe http://cafe.daum.net/Mblaq/En28/61
Translated: RisingSilence


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