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110213 [NEWS] “Good Looks and soul” MBLAQ Thunder’s fan services during the showcase draws attention

THunder_zpsc3b5fdfbMBLAQ’s Thunder has showed a special fan service.

Recently countless photos with the tittle “MBLAQ’s Thunder take selcams of himself for the fans, special love” were posted on the internet.

In their Asia tour “THE BLAQ% Tour” the first one for the idols, a few pictures caught attention: Thunder had a stmartphone that belong to a fan in hands, he smiled brightly at the camera and gave the fan an ungorgettable gift, his own selcam.

The fans said “The best fan service ever!“, “I’m jealous.“, “He is so cute.” And the Netzenses who saw the pictures commented “I want to meet him too“, “Look at his real face so close is very cool.“

Thunder will be starring at the MBC Drama “Nail Shop Paris” that will be broadcast in March of this year in Korea.

Source: Kstyle
Translated: Carolline Yukari @ MBLAQAttack.net


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