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090213 [NEWS] Mir opens up about his internal struggle to the ‘Laws of the Jungle’ members

20130208_mir_jungleMir poured his heart out as he finally let down some of the frustration he carried within himself, and expressed what had been going through his mind the last few days he had been at the jungle.

On ‘Laws of the Jungle‘, the other members of the cast noticed Mir was noticeably less bright than he used to be as their stay in the Amazon was nearing a close. Park Jung Chul noticed first, and he said, “Your expression is dark. What are you thinking about?“. Mir smiled hesitantly, but could not speak up immediately. The other members also expressed their worry and said, “Right now is the most dangerous [state of mind]. Kwanghee was like that before, too.”

Mir confessed, “I have an overwhelming will to do well. I want to do well, but I feel like I’m not able to do so,” expressing the frustration he was feeling within himself for not living up to his own expectations.

The other members immediately consoled him saying, “Mir, you’re working so hard. Don’t worry”, “You’ve definitely been doing your best.”

Kim Byung Man spoke up in response and said, “Don’t worry about [working hard]. We’re in a free place. If you want to participate in doing something, then you can do so, but if you don’t want to, it’s okay to just sit back. We’re all here together to take care of things together. We’re one family, so if you’re worried, tell us. It’s worse to hide it.”

It seems the change in Mir’s mentality came for he had worked extremely hard, giving it his all the first few days he had been at the jungle, but as he began to tire out, he felt frustrated and worried that he was not working as hard as he had before. Although the other members would often express their emotions, and admit that they’re feeling tired. Mir felt as the maknae, he should continue to be bright, in order to not be a burden on the members.

Hearing the encouragement the other members were giving him, Mir commented, “Honestly, ever since I was little, I felt as if even if I was tired, I always needed to be bright and strong. So when I was coming here, I thought to myself that even if I felt tired, I should smile even more and act even stronger, but I felt like I was beaten by the jungle and that was my concern.”

Park Sol Mi, as the only female member, consoled him as a nuna, “Mir, don’t concern yourself with things like that. If you feel tired, or if you want to cry, you should cry and let down the weight from your shoulders.”

Later in a personal interview, Mir confessed, “When Kwanghee and Jinwoon told me it was going to be hard, I wondered what would be so difficult. I told myself I’m confident and that this will feel as if I’m going on a picnic, but once I got here, I learned that Amazon is a scary place and that I really couldn’t do much even if I tried. So realizing this, my heart had been in a tired state.”

After the talk, Mir recovered his bright image the next day as he set out with Park Sol Mi to find various fruits, and did not hesitate in participating in all aspects of living in the Amazon by even eating meat from a monkey’s head.

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/02/mir-opens-up-about-his-internal-struggle-to-the-laws-of-the-jungle-members


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