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090213 [NEWS] Mir eats a piece of a monkey’s head on ‘Laws of the Jungle’

20130208_mir_monkeybrainThe boys of MBLAQ may have debuted with “Oh Yeah” but viewers were cringing and saying “Oh No” when Mir tried eating a monkey’s brain on ‘Laws of the Jungle‘.

Mir has been eating all sorts of exotic things on the show, including caterpillars and crocodiles, and it looks like he is extending his repertoire of bizarre food.

On the February 8th episode of ‘Laws of the Jungle’, the cast of the show joined the indigenous tribe during their wedding ceremonies. The tribe offered the cast monkey meat, which was their traditional meat for celebration. Mir, as usual, had no problem eating the meat, unlike Chu Sung Hoon or Noh Woo Jin, who shuddered at the thought of eating monkey meat. Because Mir was eating the meat so well, the women of the tribe granted him a special privilege and handed him a piece of meat from the monkey’s head. Even though some other cast members balked at the thought of it, Mir took it and ate it without a problem.

During a personal interview, he explained, “The tribe member gave me the meat from the head, but a piece of the brain was on it. But I couldn’t gag or be grossed out by it because everyone else in the tribe was enjoying the meat so much.”

His consideration for the tribe gained much praise from viewers, and hopefully Mir will be safe no matter what he eats throughout the rest of the episodes!

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/02/mir-eats-a-piece-of-a-monkeys-head-on-laws-of-the-jungle


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