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230113 [TRANS] Mir chatting in the Cafe 130123

[TRANS] 130123 Mir chatting in the Cafe


Mir: What is everyone doing at this time,,
Mir: Let’s see if there will be 100 people coming in,,,
Mir: My computer is in really good condition so it is alright,,
Mir: Title song?kekekekeke
Mir: We will comeback in a while more,kekeke
Mir: If the chat flows too fast there might be a possibility that someone will be kicked out of the room,,,
Mir: Hey,,Overseas fans,,,Hmm,,,
MirL Kekekeke I really want to get hold of the feelings of being together to all the fans after so long,kekekekeke
Mir: An attitude that doesn’t give up,,hmm,,very good,,kekekekekeke
Mir: Kekekekekeke just like when you are looking at MBLAQ,kekeke A group and its fans that will not stay quiet,kekekekeke
Mir: Anyway I am going to eat Bossam* (T/N: Lettuce wrapped meat),,kekeke you guys better head for bed keke MBLAQ will comeback really soon so please wait for a little more,kekekekekeke
Mir: I will not come in again for today~ Okay~ Goodbye~~~~~~ Let’s meet during Idol Olympics~ Kyukyukyu,,

Source: etoile via ‏@LinByeol
Translated: RisingSilence


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