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230113 [NEWS] MBLAQ Lee Joon Kicks Off Filming for ‘An Actor is an Actor’

MBLAQ′s Lee Joon has begun shooting his new movie.

Lee Joon previously came on board the new human drama movie, An Actor is an Actor and the movie officially kicked off principal production on January 19.

Produced by acclaimed director Kim Ki Duk who most recently directed the award-winning Pieta, and directed by Shin Yeon Shik, An Actor is an Actor stars Lee Joon as the actor aspirant, Oh Young who comes from a very impoverished and difficult past. After leaping to the height of his popularity and acclaim with his acting, he finds himself once more hitting rock bottom in the emotionally-intense drama.

The first scenes for the movie kicked off in the early morning hours of January 19 near the National Theater in Seoul as Lee Joon’s Oh Young character begins practicing his acting opposite a mannequin doll on the street.
After beginning shooting, Lee Joon shared, “I can’t believe I’m a part of this movie and I’ve begun shooting it. Every day is a new challenge but I’m doing it with a delightful heart and learning al ot along the way. I hope it is a production that will last in viewers’ hearts for a while.”

Director Kim Ki Duk also expounded upon the movie’s themes saying, “Acting is not merely imitating someone’s life but living it. We are all actors in today’s age.”

Lee Joon will play Oh Young, in his first starring role in a movie.

On Lee Joon, director Shin Yeon Shik said, “Lee Joon is an actor who possess the energy and strength of a character actor. It will be good to anticipate seeing him bring out all the burning and passionate feelings of an actor through this new production.”

Also appearing in the movie are Yang Dong Geun, Oh Kwang Rok, Ma Dong Seok and more.

Source: http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=27152


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