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150113 [TRANS] Mir chatting in Daum Cafe


Mir: Hello,kekekekekeke
Mir: How old are all of you,,,
Mir: Hmm,,,
Mir: It is really fancinating to have student fans,,,,kekekekekekekeke
Mir: I will be back after a phone call
Mir: kekekekeke
Mir: Let me increase the capacity of the room to 10 people,,
Mir: So I am the room leader,,
Mir: Hello,kekekeke
Mir: Eung,keke hello,kekeke
(fan: Oppa there is something that I want to say sincerely)
Mir: Say it,,try saying it,,
(fan: You will be having recording for 180° tomorrow right?)
Mir: Eung,kekekeke
Mir: But I have to head to the practice room now,,,,kekekeke
Mir: I’m sorry,,-_-kekekeke
Mir: Alright,,,goodbye everyone,kekekekeke
Mir: Please wait for a little more for now,,,,this will be the last lap,kekeke

Source: MBLAQ탐임 via @subine_1018
Translated: RisingSIlence


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