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150113 [NEWS] Go Eun Ah reveals her relationship with Mir got awkward after their on-screen kiss

Go Eun Ah revealed that her relationship with Mir became awkward after their on-screen kiss.

On the January 14th episode of ‘Talk Club Actors‘ she said, “I had more rumors than other people my age, but I had no platform where I could properly explain myself. My little brother is MBLAQ‘s Mir.”

She continued, “When the public looks at Mir, they see him as an idol and a celebrity. But to me, he’s my little brother. Our family is really affectionate. We live apart from each other, so we express our love strongly. We kissed each other and didn’t care about what people said, but the next day the articles even said we were in some form of incestuous relationship.”

She expressed her frustration by saying, “I think the public sees me not as Mir’s older sister but as a woman. For our family, kissing is natural. I can’t even take photos because I’m scared people will mistake what we’re doing. After the articles came out, Mir and I became awkward around each other. Our sibling relationship was broken. We were originally touchy and straightforward, so people can misunderstand us. But I wanted to say once that my family wouldn’t be looked down on because of my personality.”

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/01/go-eun-ah-reveals-her-relationship-with-mir-got-awkward-after-their-on-screen-kiss

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