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050113 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir becomes first idol to win on ‘Idol Star King’

MBLAQ‘s Mir became the first idol to win on the ‘Idol Star King‘ segment of SBS‘ ‘Star King‘.

On the January 5th episode, MBLAQ went up against the Taekwondo demonstration unit K-Tigers. For the first round, member G.O suffered an unfortunate loss after being unable to break through one piece of pine board.

Though Seung Ho hesitated in the second round, he was able to break through with surprising speed. Thunder then lost a battle to see who could do the most roundhouse kicks in a given time.

Mir won the time battle of the fourth round, making the score an even 2:2 tie. He competed again for the tiebreaker, and with 10 seconds left, Mir won by 1 board.

Check out Mir’s hilarious reaction after winning the fourth round below!

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/01/mblaqs-mir-becomes-first-idol-to-win-on-idol-star-king


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