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020113 [MSG] Seungho’s Cafe Message

seungho fancafe
Title: Leader

Hello!! I’m leader!! hehe how did every spend your first day of new year~!!

I’m sorry for leaving a message after a long time… hehe it’s always because of….. this and that matter!!! hehe

Although everyone must be thinking that I’m typing with only one hand, it’s not so… hehe but I can type with both hands!! Why?!!!!!!!!!!

Because I didn’t injured my fingers!!!! Hoot

I posted like this because I want to wish everyone a happy new year…. hehe

Although we had personal activities, we are preparing for some secret activities and we will appear before everyone as a cool MBLAQ

Please be patient and wait a little while more.

Since I’ve already contributed my collar bones, it will be completely daebak in 2013 right? hehehe

hehe I hope to create a good year with everyone in 2013.

Everyone please stay healthy and eat lots and lots of tasty food and may everything go smoothly for everyone. leader and MBLAQ will help everyone!! hehe

All the A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (bows)

PS: I like MBLAQ!! And!!!!!!!!!I can wait!!!!!!!!!!Only people who do this will be happy….kyakyakyakyakyak
Then goodbye~~~~~^^

Source: MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe
Translated : Angela @ DongBang-BLAQ


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