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310812 [FULL] MBLAQ Idol Manager Ep.3

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310812 [CLIP] J.Tune Camp Headquarter!

Credit: amekameko111 @ YT

310812 [FULL] MBLAQ on All The KPOP


310812 [PICS] Seungho @ Gag Tonight

MORE PICS PART1 PART2 PART3 Credit: Wooriseunghpo, Rosemary

310812 [NEWS] MBLAQ Members Reveals Mir is a Nudist… With Strong Thighs

Though known for their fashionable outfits and style on stage, it seems one MBLAQ member prefers to leave that all behind and enjoy life in his birthday suit behind closed doors in his dorms. In the upcoming episode of MBC Music’s All That K-Pop, the MBLAQ members will make an appearance and reveal which member […]

310812 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Mother, Cha Tae Hyun’s Parents Join ‘Qualification of Men’s Choir Special

KBS’ Qualifications of Men’s upcoming third choir special is getting some more star power. After announcing that the late Choi Jin Sil’s two children would join the show’s choir special, its third choir special, KBS announced on August 31 a few more stars will be bringing their voices to the show. According to the show’s […]

310812 [ENDORSE] Lee Joon Endorsing Pancoat

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