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160512 [TWITTER] Manager Byungki’s Tweets

TRANS] Totally scared meㅡㅡlol[TRANS] It’s Lee Joon Source: Byungki’s Twitter Translated by: bcrystal89 Advertisements

160512 [TWITTER] G.O’s Twitter Update

[TRANS] E.R of Dalmatian is released! Please listen to the song since the song is really good^^ Hwaiting!!!!!! Traslated by: MBLAQATTACK

160512 [NEWS] MBLAQ Competes in Cross-Dressing Competition With Rookie Group Vixx

Mnet’s reality program Mydol has released previews of its upcoming sixth episode featuring rookie group VIXX competing with ZE:A and MBLAQ in some interesting competitions. In the upcoming sixth episode, the boys of VIXX will compete against the ZE:A and MBLAQ members in two widely different competitions. Against ZE:A, VIXX will engage in a track […]

160512 [NEWS] Lee Joon’s confession that he lost his girl because of Ko Young Wook

With the current allegations against Ko Young Wook for raping a minor, an old video has risen in light of the controversy. An old episode of SBS’ Strong Heart from 2011, featuring Park Han Byul, Yoo In Na, Nam Gyuri, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Ko Young Wook, Moon Hee Jun, SISTAR’s Hyolyn, and other stars has […]

160512 [CLIP] Mnet Mydol – MBLAQ & Rookie Group

Credit: Mnet @ YT

160512 [CUT] Seungho – The Decisive Timing Of Superstar’s Birth (#4) @ Mnet Wide

Credit: Greywithjoon1 @ YT

160512 [FULL CUT] Lee Joon @ ‘I need a Fairy’ (new episode)

Credit: Greywithjoon1 @ YT